Renew/Overdue – Lender

The Renew/Overdue status in the Lender Action Items list is for items that are currently overdue, but have had a renewal requested. There are actually two statuses for renewals, Renew/Overdue and Renew Pending. Some libraries handle renewal requests for items that are overdue differently, and items in each status can be updated all at once by using the status change drop down on the screen for that status.


With items in the Renew/Overdue status, you can choose from these options:

  • Accept Renewal
  • Reject Renewal
  • Recall
  • Check In
  • Lost
  • Overdue

If you decide to renew the item, then you can change the due date, choose “Accept Renewal” and click “Submit.”

For the other options, you would just change the status and then click the submit button. If you reject the renewal, the item will go back to the Overdue status for the borrower. You may choose to add to the Lender Note field why you are rejecting the renewal. If you want the item sent back, then change the status to “Recall” and submit. If the item was returned before you had time to process a renewal (or the borrower accidentally chose “Renew” instead of “Return”) you can check the item in. Choosing Lost or Overdue moves the request to those statuses in the borrower side as well.