Pending – Lender

The Pending status is where items that are being requested from you are placed. Items will stay in your Pending status until you have changed their status, or until they automatically move on after your “Days to Respond” have gone by.

Requests in this status can be updated to:


  • “Will Supply/In Process” – Let’s the borrower know that you will send the item, a good status if you are going to go check the shelves to make sure it’s there.
  • “Shipped” – Let’s the borrower know that the item has been sent to them.
  • “Retry” – Can be used if an item is in use, and you want them to ask again at a later date. The request will then continue through the Lender List.
  • “Conditional” – If you have a question about the request or need some clarification from the borrower, set this as the status.
  • “Will not Supply” – If the item is not available for loan, cannot be sent outside of the library, or cannot be located. This will send the request to the next lender in the Lender List.