Pending Cancel – Lender

The Pending Cancel status in the Lender Action Items list are requests that the borrower submitted, but has now cancelled the request. It will only show for the lender that the request is currently assigned to. This status should be one of the first ones checked by lenders each time they log in to make sure they don’t accidentally ship a title that the borrower no longer needs. As a lender, your options are to Confirm Cancel (and the request will move to the borrower’s cancelled requests) or Reject Cancel. Rejecting the cancellation moves the item back to the borrower’s Will Supply/Pending status. This can be used if the item was already shipped.

A note for out-of-state requests: If a cancellation is rejected from the VSS default lender, then it was already shipped from the out-of-state location. If possible, we will cancel items when requested, but we don’t always catch the request from out-of-state in time.