Not Received – Borrower


If an item is in the “Not Received” status in your Borrower menu, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have marked the item as “Not Received.” If an item was marked “Shipped” by the lending library and the status was not updated by your library within 15 days, the system automatically updates the item as “Not Received.” An easy way to tell if  the system has updated the status is to look in the request history (in the request detail view – available by clicking the title of the item) and see if it says that it was automatically updated by the system.

As a borrower, there are two options to update the status of items that are “Not Received.” You can either mark them as received if you do have them, or mark them as lost if they have not arrived.


You must  update the status of items as Received in Clover as they arrive at your library. This is the only way the lending library knows they have arrived and can track their items.