How To: Request an Item

Navigate to the CLOVER website:

Select your library from the drop-down list.

Enter your username and password (if you do not know them, or need your password reset contact April Shaw at

Select “Staff Dashboard”

“ILL Admin”

“Request Manager”

The books we loan out are all on the right hand side of the screen. Generally as a request progresses it moves further down the list.

At the head of the list is “Pending”. Select “Pending”

To get a list of items to pull select “Pick List” towards the top right hand side of the screen.

Ctrl P

Will send it to the printer.

Pull the items from the shelves.

For each item click on the title to get into the detailed account.

Change Pending to “Shipped”

Move into the long box and scan the barcode.

Select “Submit” towards the top right hand side of the screen.

“x” out on bar of CLOVER, not the Firefox session.

This takes you back to “ILL Admin”

Repeat this step for all your items and then

“ILL Amin”

“Maintain Shipping Labels”

Select the first book inline by checking the small square box to the left side of the title.

Select “Format to Print” at the top right hand side and once the new screen has appeared then “Ctrl P” to print.

Fold paper in half lengthwise and form a book sleeve around the front cover of the book.

“x” out of printed screen and repeat for all the other books.

Logout at the top right hand side of the screen.

Move to ILS (Koha, LibraryWorld, VERSO, etc.)

Check out each book to the appropriate library and where possible bag it ready for courier pickup. Libraries outside of the courier system will need to be mailed out.