How To: Receive a Requested Item

Navigate to the CLOVER website:

Select your library from the drop-down list.

Enter your username and password (if you do not know them, or need your password reset contact April Shaw at


Select “Staff Dashboard”

“ILL Admin”

“Request Manager”

The books we borrow out are all on the left hand side of the screen. Generally as a request progresses it moves further down the list.

For arrived books select “Shipped” on the left hand side of the screen.

For the arrived item at the far righthand side of the screen

(Click on the title to locate our patrons name in the record)

Change Shipped to “Received”

Select “Submit” towards the top right hand side of the screen.

“x” out on bar of CLOVER, not the Firefox session.

This takes you back to “ILL Admin”

Logout at the top right hand side of the screen.

Move to ILS (Koha, LibraryWorld, VERSO, etc.).


*The following steps are specific to adding an item to Koha on the fly. You do not need to follow these, but they are here if this is how you process ILLs.*

Select “Circulation” and then “Fast Cataloging”

Using ALL CAPITALS fill-in

Line 100 – Personal Name   LAST NAME, FIRST NAME of author

Line 245 – Title

Line 942 – (Use the dropdown to select “ILL”)

Select “SAVE”

Add Item screen appears this only requires

Line p – barcode (Scan the barcode on the item)

Select “Add item” at bottom of the page.

All the hard stuff is now complete just call up the patron, in Koha, and place a hold for the item on the patrons account and finally check the item in.

If the patron has an e-mail account they will be notified automatically, if not a phone call will be needed.