Email Notifications

If you do not borrow or lend through CLOVER often, you could set up email alerts for when lending requests have been sent to you, or when changes have been made to a request that you submitted. This can help if you don’t want to log in to CLOVER every day, or if you just want an update on the borrowing and lending activities in your CLOVER account.

staff notices button highlighted

Changes to notification settings can be made in your participant record, by clicking the “Maintain Participant Record” in the ILL Admin menu. At the top you will see options to jump to different parts of the participant record, and the one you want is “Staff Notices.”

When you click on that you can choose from a number of emails that you want to be sent. You can put in separate email addresses for borrower emails and lender emails (or the same for both) and choose which events you want to receive notices about. For borrower emails, you have several emails you can be sent, including new requests, conditional responses, renewal rejected responses, and shipped notices. Lender emails also include notifications about new lending requests, condition accepted responses, cancelled requests, and return notices.

borrower emails screenshot

lender emails screenshot

You can choose all, none, or only a select few of these notifications if you want. Simply check off the box next to the notices that you do want to receive, add your email to the “Email notification address:” box, customize any of the notification text (if you want) and then click the “Submit” button.