Conditional Status – Borrower

Borrower: When Your Requests are Marked Conditional

In your Manage Borrower’s Request menu, you may see a link for “Conditional” items. This status will only show as a link if your request has been marked as “Conditional,” otherwise, it will simply be text with a “0” under the count.


If you have items marked Conditional, click on the request record and check both the Reason/Condition Options field (directly below the status field) and the Lender’s Notes field. The lender should have provided a reason why they marked your request as Conditional. You can respond by choosing one of the status options from the drop-down menu in the request:

  • Accept Condition (Moves the request back to the pending status for the lender and they can continue to process your request),
  • Reject Condition (Moves the item to the next lender on the list)
  • Request Cancel (Will cancel your request entirely)