Bookstraps are available for lending libraries to print and send with their items. These are not required, but are available to print from the ILL Admin menu in the Staff Dashboard.


If you click on the “Maintain Bookstraps” link you will be taken to a page where you can view the items that have been shipped and received by your library, and choose which items you want to print a bookstrap for.


The default is set to view both shipped and received items, and to see only items that you have not printed before. You can change those settings using the drop-down menus at the top of the page, then choose if you want to print using Consortium Labels or Avery Labels. Then you check the box next to all items you want to print a bookstrap for (or use the Select All box at the top) and click the “Format to Print” button.

All of the bookstraps in CLOVER include the following information:

  • A note to please not remove this bookstrap
  • The request number, both printed and as a scannable barcode
  • The name of the lending library
  • The author and title of the item
  • A space for the patron name
  • The information of the borrowing library so that the patron knows where to return the book to
  • The due date
  • A notes field
  • The message “This book was borrowed from another library for you. Please treat it with care.”

All of the same information should appear on the bookstraps that you print. If you print using Avery labels instead of the consortium labels option, you will see all of the same information except: due date, patron name, and borrowing library phone number.