Awaiting Approval – Borrower



The Awaiting Approval status is used to ensure that requests are looked at by Interlibrary Loan staff, or a user with the appropriate level of permissions, before the request is sent out. Items will show in this status if:

  • The item is something you have in your catalog. Clover is essentially asking you to confirm that yes, you own this item, and yes, you want to borrow it.
  • You have accounts that are set up to submit requests, but the requests require the approval of an administrative account before going out. For example, if you have a volunteer account or a circulation staff account so they can submit requests on behalf of patrons, but you want a person in interlibrary loan to approve them before they are sent to lending libraries.


To send out items in the Awaiting Approval status, just use the drop down menu to change the status to “Approved – Send” and click the submit button.

Approved - Send