Clover Updates & Reminders 7/16/2018

Hi All,

I have some updates, clarifications, and reminders this month!


  • Undo Shipped – This is a new status that I am having enabled in all accounts that have ILL Admin privileges. If you have ever marked an item as shipped only to discover that it is missing from the shelves, this is the new best option! Simply locate the request in your Shipped items, change it to “Undo Shipped” and it will move back into your Pending requests. From there you can change the status to “Will Not Supply” and “Missing” and send it on to the next library. This helps clear out the request from your items, and ensures that the borrowing library does not have to start a new request. Please let me know if you have any questions about this! I will send out an update when this is officially turned on for all ILL Admin accounts.



  • I recently put in a ticket about the Advanced Search feature in Clover because the format types did not seem to be sticking. It turns out the Advanced Search will only apply those if searching the Clover Union Catalog or the Verso Union catalog. The best way to narrow your results and still include all of the libraries that are connected by the z39.50 connection is to run a regular basic search and then use the filters on the left side of the screen. Please let me know if you notice anything off with those filters and I will report it to AutoGraphics.
  • I have had a handful of libraries report that their Clover account is automatically rejecting renewal requests for their items. This may be a problem with your lending policy. If you navigate to your Participant Record (Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record) and click the “Lending” button in the top center of the screen, your Lending Policy is displayed. This is where you can set up your checkout periods, renewal periods, and specify which item types are available for checkout and which can be renewed. If you did enter a number of dates for a renewal period, make sure that the drop down box is set at “Y” and renewal requests should come through. If they don’t, please contact me and I will look into it further.



  • Please check your Participant Record (Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record) and make sure there is at least a phone number and email address in there! This record is the easiest way for libraries to locate contact information for each other, and certainly cuts down on the trying to Google an email address (often with no luck).





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