Clover Updates & Reminders 3/8/2018

Hi All,

I know it’s been a while since I sent out a Clover update, so I have a number of things to update you on!

  • Multi-Copy Form – This is the big update for today. Currently the form is not sending out the correct call number information to libraries on all requests. AutoGraphics is working on this, but it looks like if you do a multi-copy request, the lenders/call number are being used on any multi-copy requests being made in the same session. If you find that your requests are going out incorrectly, or if you receive a request for a title you do not own (or the call number info doesn’t match) please let me know! The more examples I can give them, hopefully the sooner they can fix this.
  • Rejected Renewals – I have found that when renewals are being rejects on overdue books, the requests are reverting back to “Overdue” status rather than “Rejected Renewal.”  I have brought this up with AutoGraphics and it has been passed on to the production team. If you see that a book you are pretty sure you have requested a renewal for is back in Overdue, please open the request and check the Request History (at the bottom of the detail screen) to see if the renewal was rejected.
  • Conditional Status – If a request has shown up in your Conditional status, please open the request and review the conditions noted by the lender before agreeing to or refusing the conditions.


Also, in good news for search results, VOKAL and Catamount holdings now reflect the number of available copies of titles rather than the default “No copies available” text!


As always, if you notice anything strange (or wonderful) happening with the Clover system, or if you have any questions, please ask me!