Clover Updates & Reminders 2/7/2018

Hi All,

I have two updates, and a couple of reminders! Let’s start with the updates:


First, the issues with Clover being intermittently down seems to have been resolved. We were able to narrow the problem down to just those with internet service through Sovernet/First Light, and they have put a temporary workaround in place while finding a permanent solution. If you are still experiencing issues with Clover, please let me know!


Second, did you know that you can change the appearance of your Pick List? Each library can update the information that is included in their Pick List (which can be printed to locate items on the shelf before marking as Shipped). Choose “Configure Pick List” from your ILL Admin menu:


You can assign the order that you want the elements to appear in, and if there is an element that you do not want to show in the pick list, then just delete the number from the box next to it:




  • Please make sure that the due date in Clover matches your ILS due date. I am hearing from a lot of libraries that the due dates are not matching (especially on renewals) and they are getting overdue notices from either the ILS or Clover and it’s causing confusion.
  • Libraries on the courier service, 11 more libraries were just added to the courier. VTLIB will be officially taking over this service on March 1st, until them all information is still housed on the GMLC website, including the delivery schedule: A new list of courier library codes was sent out on the Google Group for courier libraries so you can update your preferred lender list in Clover. If you did not receive that list, please let me know and I will send it to you.


Thanks everyone! Stay safe in the bad weather today!