Clover Updates & Reminders 12/20/2017

Hi All,

I wanted to get this email out a little early this week due to the holidays! I have two updates for you, some statistics report tips, and two reminders.


For those who have patron-initiated requests, the “Create a Password” field which seems to be used to enter passwords rather than create them has now been changed to read “Password.” I welcome any feedback on this change!
I am still investigating how to search for discussion sets easily in Clover. This is a little problematic because many libraries catalog their discussion sets in different ways. I promise to keep working on this and let you know when I find a good answer!

  • I know the yearly statistics report request from VTLIB has gone out, and I wanted to walk you through the easiest way to get your ILL request totals from Clover! It’s a simple few steps to get an overall total, but remember we only have totals dating back to August (or whichever month your library started using Clover). To start, you would open the Statistics Menu in your Staff Dashboard and choose “Activity and Request Reports.”
    Then in the form that displays, set the date range you want (in the example it goes back to January, but we started using the system in August, so January-July is not included), then choose “Net Activity” which will give you the total number of items sent out, borrowed, and copies supplied or borrowed. I also like to choose Excel format to display the report, but you can choose PDF or HTML as well:
    Once the Excel file downloads (or the PDF, or the HTML loads), you will see the total number of loans and copies:StatisticsReport

Let me know if you have any questions about this or if you run into any problems!


  • We are still receiving a large number of requests for items published in the last six months for out-of-state. We will not request items published in the last six months from out-of-state because many out-of-state libraries won’t led items published in the last year. All of these requests will get marked as “Will Not Supply” by us and include a lender note as to why we did not request the item.
    If you have a request that ends up in Unfilled or Retry status and are wondering why we did not fill the request, you should always check the detail view of the request (by clicking on the item title) and check the Lender’s Note field. We always provide a reason why the request was not filled.
  • Lenders: If you mark an item as shipped and then discover that it is not on the shelf, please do not mark the item as lost in Clover. This marks the item as lost to the borrower as well, and implies that the item was sent to them and then lost by them. If you have marked a missing item as shipped, please just go back to the request and update the status to “Check In” which closes the request, and then notify the borrowing library as they will have to open a new request for the item:ShippedStatusChange
  • HOLIDAY DATES – Please remember to mark your holiday dates in your Participant Record (Staff Dashboard>ILL Admin>Maintain Participant Record). This is especially important for school and academic libraries, and any library that will be closed for a period of time over the holidays. If you do not put in your holiday dates, requests can sit with you for a long time leading to long wait times for borrowing libraries.

That’s all I have for this week! As always, please let me know if you have any questions, if anything strange is happening with your requests, or if you run into any problems.

Happy Holidays!